Training Matters provides quality learning and development opportunities for individuals, managers and trainers. We concentrate on the development of the individual and by enabling them to achieve their own potential, we help companies, in turn, meet their objectives.

With our in depth knowledge of our clients we are able to adapt quickly in challenging business circumstances and offer customised training programmes.

These programmes are usually shorter in length than the full programmes and generally are one day to five day programmes.

Features of our customised training courses are:

  • Short focused training interventions to address specific needs
  • They are based around sound adult learning principles
  • People work with real people with real issues
  • People to leave the sessions with practical solutions they can use in the workplace

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Managing Change - Helping and supporting people to adapt to change in practices, processes in the workplace
  • Communication - Good communication is essential in every organisation.
  • Effective management - Management is a skill and requires techniques and knowledge to be effective
  • Creativity and problem solving - everyone can be creative and adapt it to problem solving
  • Presentation skills - The skill and techniques to deliver your message to different audiences  in terms of size, knowledge, skills, objective
  • Time Management - Managing time effectively affects every business' bottom line
  • Coaching - Coaching is more than merely demonstrating
  • Appraisals - How to manage and deliver appraisals to get the best from people
  • Giving Feedback - Providing feedback and keeping people on your side
  • Innovation workshops - Everybody can innovate if they are empowered
  • Motivation - A business is only as good as it's people. Motivated people means a motivated business

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