Training Matters e-portfolio

Using our e-portfolio system means that you are able to access your course work at any time. You can work at your own speed, from any location.

Course Folder

The Course Folder allows you to access your qualification modules and online support packs. Within each modules online support pack you will find reading material, suggested activities, guided tour videos and much more. The course folder also allows you to see at a glance your progress within each module.

Evidence Folder

As you progress through your qualification the evidence folder within your portfolio allows you to store and manage all of your coursework online.  Uploading evidence is no more difficult than attaching a document to an email. Once uploaded, a piece of evidence can be cross-referenced into any section of the qualification, and then electronically submitted for assessment. When a module is submitted for review, your assessor will give you clear feedback - all within your online portfolio.

Contact Diary

Your assessor/tutor will update your 'contact diary' regularly. As you progress through your qualification you will attend - online webinars, 1-2-1 sessions with tutor, your tutor will keep a record of any actions and deadlines within your contact diary.


We launched this unique e-learning system over 10 years ago and as such remain ahead of the field in terms of innovation and development. We are very aware of the environment in our business, and with our e-learning system we continue to strive to improve that footprint. Our blended learning approach allows us to make the best use of technology - like our e-portfolio system, webinars and Facebook study groups - whilst combining this with valuable 1-2-1 support from our team of experienced assessors.