Senior Managers - Are You Behaving?

Behaviours that as managers we should have embedded in our DNA.

I’m starting a blog…

Why am I starting a blog? Good question… … … and one I’m asking myself as I write this! I’ve read all of the advice about what I should and shouldn’t do. I have to be social (always), be consistent (bit more difficult), be authentic (always) and keep the quality of the content high (hmmmmmm…)

So why am I starting one?

To stay in touch, to share ideas, good practice and to let lots of people know all at once what is most popular in the world of Training Matters. I want to learn as much from you as I hope you can learn from us. If I have nothing to say then I won’t do a blog to say that I have nothing to say. I hope never to bore you but always try to give you some useful nuggets in the ever fast paced world of business and education.

So what’s worth sharing this week?

I thought I would start with some behaviours that as managers we should have embedded in our DNA.

Do you…

  • Articulate a vision that generates excitement, enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Create a sense of common purpose.
  • Take personal responsibility for making things happen.
  • Present information clearly, concisely, accurately and in ways that promote understanding.
  • Make time available to support others.
  • Show integrity, fairness and consistency in decision making.
  • Seek to understand people’s needs and motivations (Source: SQA Management Standards)

If you can, hand on heart, say that you behave like this naturally then great. If I asked that same question of your team… … what would they say? Over to you… …

I think I’ll quite like this blogging thing.

Talk next week!


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